40 Days to a DIY Website – Enhanced Package




If you’ve always wanted your own website, this is the place to start. In this 40-day, 10-course series, you’ll develop a strategy to create a successful website and learn the basics of designing it using WordPress — no code required.

In 40 Days to a DIY Website, you’ll learn how to register a domain, get hosting for your website, install WordPress, and use it effectively. The course begins with a big-picture strategy to help you determine the purpose and function of your site. It then focuses on helping you iron out details like content. It’s more than just a WordPress nuts-and-bolts tutorial; it’s a comprehensive strategy for designing the perfect website.

40 Days to a DIY Website is divided into ten 4-day courses. Each course employs a 4-day “WARP method” — watch, act, reflect, plan — to ensure you’ve had time to think through everything you need to do and keep from getting overwhelmed.

  • In the first day of each course, you’ll watch a video laying out the tasks encompassed in that course.
  • On day two, you’ll take an action step to aid you in completing your site.
  • The third day gives you time to reflect on what you’ve done so far and what areas need improvement and completion.
  • The fourth day gives you the opportunity to plan ahead for what’s coming next.

The Enhanced package gives you access to the courses and also includes one year of hosting and domain registration* with WordPress installation included.

* Hosting and registration package is the 1&1 Managed WP Basic package from 1and1.com.


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