Lots of resources exist to help WordPress users learn how to use their site. For example, we have our own compilation of WordPress tips, with over 150 tips to help you. WordPress also provides resources to help, and one of the best ones is WordPress.tv, a resource with a collection of WordPress video tips. Here’s a look at the types of content available on WordPress.tv.

Recordings from WordCamp and other related events

WordPress.tv offers several types of video content. Most of its content is video of every WordCamp event. You’ll recall that WordCamp events are conferences dedicated entirely to WordPress. Cities around the world offer WordCamps every year, and larger WordCamp events — WordCamp US, WordCamp Europe, etc. — are held once a year. These conferences are packed with speakers offering advice for every skill level, and every session from every WordCamp is available on WordPress.tv. Videos are available in several languages, and many of them have subtitles for other languages as well.

Other WordPress-related events are featured on WordPress.tv as well. Many of these events are similar in nature to WordCamp events. Some of the videos offer other types of information, such as recounting the history of WordPress or providing testimonials about WordPress.

WordPress how-to videos

WordPress.tv also has a section of how-to videos. These videos explain everything from the basics of managing a WordPress site to how to create custom themes and plugins from scratch. Some videos are more holistic in nature, covering best practices for brand identity, image use, and the like, while others are specifically tailored to a feature or skill in WordPress.

Your content

WordPress.tv is open to submissions from users. If you’d like to share something that could help other WordPress users, you can! Make sure to check out the submission guidelines to ensure your content will be of use to the WordPress community.