14 sites you can embed into WordPress

One of the best things about WordPress is that it simplifies the web design process. With WordPress, tasks that could potentially require a high amount of web programming knowledge are as simple as using a word processor — and in some instances, even easier. One little-known fact about WordPress is that it uses a protocol called oEmbed to make embedding links to other sites seamless. Here are 14 examples of how this makes embedding links into WordPress incredibly easy — simply paste a link into your post or page and the media will display automatically.

1. Flickr

Want to embed an image or video from Flickr into your website? Simply paste the link and you’re good to go.

2. Hulu

You can even embed TV shows into a WordPress post with only a link! Just remember that the videos might not display properly for users who aren’t subscribed to Hulu.

3. Imgur

The Imgur image-sharing service also works flawlessly with WordPress thanks to oEmbed. Just paste the link!

4. Instagram

Speaking of images, Instagram also embeds automatically when a link is pasted into WordPress. Just be sure it’s not an image from a private account as those won’t display.

5. Kickstarter

Even Kickstarter projects display in WordPress seamlessly. Want to share a friend’s new project? Paste a link and you’re good to go!

6. Reddit

Reddit posts and comments both display in WordPress perfectly with a pasted link.

7. SoundCloud

Good news for musicians using WordPress — SoundCloud links embed flawlessly into WordPress. You don’t need a plugin or any code!

8. Spotify

Share your latest jams into WordPress with just a link.

9. TED

Have you been inspired by a TED talk? Paste the link into WordPress and share it with your readers!

10. Tumblr

Be sure to paste in a link to a Tumblr post, as a direct link to an image may not work properly.

11. Twitter

Want to share a tweet in your post? You’re good to go with only a link.

12. Vimeo

You don’t need a video player plugin to share Vimeo links in WordPress. They work automatically!

13. Vine

You can share Vine videos in a Twitter post or directly from a Vine link.

14. YouTube

Perhaps the best-known site that allows automatic embeds is YouTube. Paste a YouTube link and WordPress does the rest.

These are the most well-known sites to embed automatically into WordPress, but even more options exist — over 30 overall. View the entire list in the WordPress Codex.