Use the WordPress app to update your website from your phone or tablet

Have you ever felt confined to your computer to make changes to your website? If so, you may not realize that WordPress has a mobile app for iOS and Android to help you keep your site updated on the go. Here’s how to use the WordPress mobile app.

Connect your site to Jetpack

The most important step to getting the WordPress app up and running on your phone is creating a Jetpack account. You’ll need it to sign into the WordPress app on your phone. For more information on how to create a Jetpack account, Jetpack provides a detailed Getting Started with Jetpack walkthrough. You don’t have to activate any Jetpack features, though several of them are handy — particularly their site stats. You’ll likely want to turn on Notifications as well to receive notifications from your site on the app.

Log in and start managing your site from mobile

Download the WordPress app on the App Store or Google Play and log in with the account you created. Under the My Sites tab, tap on your website. You’ll then see a list of tabs similar to the WordPress Dashboard. If you have Jetpack Site Stats enabled, you’ll see Stats and Activity at the top. Below that, you’ll see a “Publish” category that includes Site Pages, Blog Post, Media, and Comments. These work the same way as the Posts, Pages, Media, and Comments tabs in your Dashboard. You’ll also have other tabs below — Themes, Menus, Sharing, and more.

In the Site Pages and Blog Posts options, you’ll see a list of your pages or posts with a + (plus) button at the top of the page. Tap the + button to create a new page or post, or tap one of your existing pages or posts to edit it. Similarly, you can upload photos from your phone to your site with the Media tab.

You can also use the Reader tab at the bottom of the screen to follow other websites and see their content.

The WordPress app provides a handy way for you to easily make changes to your site or create new content. For more complicated changes, you may still want to log into your desktop site, but the mobile app provides a handy way to make changes to your site, especially in the event that you’re away form a computer.