4 plugins to add extra Gutenberg blocks to WordPress

In July 2018, WordPress released a “Try Gutenberg” update in WordPress 4.9.8, encouraging mass adoption of the new editor. In December of the same year, the new Gutenberg visual editor was bundled into WordPress when WordPress 5.0 was released. In the months and years that followed, plugin and theme creators have worked to solve any remaining compatibility issues and ensure a smooth transition to Gutenberg, but developers have also released new plugins that add additional functionality to Gutenberg with additional blocks. Here are 4 plugins that impressed us with a bevy of new blocks you can add to your Gutenberg visual editing experience.

1. Atomic Blocks

Perhaps the most impressive Gutenberg addition we’ve seen so far, Atomic Blocks adds quite a few nicely designed blocks to Gutenberg. It includes a post grid, container, call-to-action, testimonial, inline notice, sharing icons, author profile, accordion, customizable button, drop cap, and spacer/divider block. Most of these blocks offer several different styles or the ability to change sizes, shapes, colors, or fonts. Some of these have since been copied in subsequent WordPress releases, but overall, the plugin is a very nice addition to what the visual editor offers by default.

2. Stackable

Stackable also offers a variety of blocks with customization options for each. It includes a spacer, divider, button, ghost button, notification, call to action, blockquote, testimonial, team member, number box, pullquote, expand/show more, image box, video popup, and count up block. It includes options for changing styles and colors, adding background images, and more.

3. Maps Block for Gutenberg

Unlike the first two plugins above, Maps Block for Gutenberg only adds one block, but it’s a useful one. With a Google Maps API key, you can use this plugin to add a Google Maps Gutenberg block. You can use an address or coordinates for the map, and you can adjust the map height and zoom level in the block. Enter your API key in one block and the plugin will store it and use it across your site if you use this block more than once.

4. Kadence Gutenberg Blocks

This plugin adds several Gutenberg blocks as well, including an icon, advanced button, spacer/divider, accordion, and tabs block in the free version of the plugin and more options in a paid premium version. But the block that really steals the show in this plugin (and it’s included in the free version!) is the row/layout block. This block provides quite a few options for creating columns in a WordPress post, a highly requested feature entirely missing from early versions of Gutenberg and still very basic today. Choose from 1 to 6 columns, specify a custom gutter size, and set a separate layout for tablet and mobile browsers. The block also adds a lot of control over padding, margins, colors, and background options.