Website Hosting and Maintenance
A great website needs great hosting to help it really shine. Imagine building the perfect picturesque house but the only road leading to it is in complete disrepair, almost to the point of being unusable. That’s what can happen to your website if your hosting package leaves something to be desired.

After designing websites for clients, repairing sites designed by others, and helping clients troubleshoot problems, we noticed a recurring theme — many websites are hosted on really bad hosting packages. If you’ve ever wondered why your website loads slowly or sometimes doesn’t work properly, the problem is often your hosting company. Furthermore, many hosting companies offer terrible customer service. Some companies try to nickel-and-dime you for things that should be free, like security certificates or up-to-date software. And sometimes the good companies out there get bought up by other companies that then make cuts to improve their bottom line. With all the horror stories we’ve heard from clients about their hosting companies, we saw a need and decided to do something about it.

That’s why MPWR Design now offers website hosting and maintenance. We’re built on the philosophy that we want to empower you with the tools you need to maintain your website. We understand that many small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have the budget for website maintenance packages. However, we’ve also discovered that many other website owners don’t have the time to maintain a site even if they know how, and others would prefer to focus their mental energy on their business and leave their website in the hands of experts.

Hosting and maintenance made simple

As a result our clients’ differing needs, we’re offering three hosting and maintenance packages to best suit those differences. If you want to maintain your site yourself but host it with us, there’s a package for that. If you want to handle content updates but let us keep your website humming along, we’ve got a package for that as well. Or if you’d prefer to let us handle everything and just let us know when you want us to make changes, we’ve got that covered too.

All of our hosting and maintenance packages are as simple as possible. All hosting packages include everything you need — email, domain name, an SSL certificate — at no extra charge. We also work with you directly to ensure your needs are met instead of automating the entire process.

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